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Rolls Royce Phantom & Bentley (Four Seaters)

If you are looking for a luxury wedding car for your big day then Cheadle Vintage Cars can provide you with the perfect car. We have many options open to you from traditional class to modern day style.

Whatever look you would like your wedding car fleet to have, we have a car that can help you achieve this look. We have the perfect vehicle available that will bring the style and class to your wedding that you would like.

The Rolls Royce Phantom has become a symbol of excellence over the years. The luxury and elegance that this car provides is simply unsurpassed by any other car in the world.

It is a great car to transport the bride to the church and then the happy couple to the reception. Perfect for their first adventure as a couple in complete comfort, style and elegance.

The Bentley is also a great car to use as a wedding car. It offers a slightly different car than the Rolls Royce. It is a beautiful car that has the power of a sports car and the comfort of a luxury car. For any car lovers out there this is the car to go for.

Luxury Wedding Car Hire in Cheshire

The Rolls Royce and the Bentley are shining examples of what a wedding car is suppose to offer. They look great in photos and also provide a place of comfort for the couple to sit and share a moment as they are taken to the reception. Whichever one you decide upon you can not go wrong.

If you would like any further information regarding either the Rolls Royce or the Bentley then please do feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.