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Beauford Automobiles History

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  • 01-09-2021
Beauford Automobiles History

If you love vintage British motorcars, you may want to read more about the Beauford Automobiles. We look at the Beauford Automobiles history and how it has stood the test of time.

Beauford Automobiles

Based in Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, The Beauford business is a family run British automobile company. They supply kit-form classic cars which are highly customisable. 

The Beauford company's cars are popular for weddings due to their vintage appeal and limitless customizability. There is a dedicated club called the Beauford owners club. 

They are independent of the company but have provided their services for many years. The Beauford owners club organises events, produces useful publications, and aims to help other Beauford Tourer owners and those interested in the classic car. 

Beauford Automobiles History - Classic British Motorcars

Very few people who build their Beauford's are actually mechanics. The only things that are needed are the ability to use basic tools and common sense. 

As anyone can build a Beauford, the community surrounding this kit car is growing. The Beauford Company also offers to fit anything you need for a small price. 

If you can't access them directly, there are many Beauford Company approved companies who will happily complete or contribute to your build for you to high-quality standards. 

Because the Beauford Tourer is a component vehicle that can be self-built, the car has excellent value for money. 

For a reasonable price, the classic car offers the best of both worlds - modern technology and efficiency, as well as the 1930s style and aesthetic. 

The company have offered finance packages and starter kit programmes in the past to help spread the cost. The insurance rates of Beauford Automobiles are surprisingly low through specialist brokers. 

Origins of the Beauford

Upholland, Lancashire was where the Beauford Business established their company, but it didn't take long to move their operations to Stoke on Trent. 

Since its creation, The Beauford business has been the primary choice for wedding transport companies as the classic cars have a vintage and elegant style and feel. 

The Beauford Company has a history that dates back over 20-years, and throughout their operations, they have sold over 1500 classic cars. 

The business is also a founding member of S.T.A.T.U.S (Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society). 


Beauford cars were originally developed during a time when vehicle manufacturers competed for speed and racing elements as the inter-war years were particularly popular with sports cars. 

The Beauford company, on the other hand, focused on the beauty of driving, focusing on comfort and grandeur. 

They capture the vintage feel with a long bonnet, accompanied by flowing wings which gives the classic car a similar style to many of the highly sought after luxury vehicles of the 1930s.

Beauford Automobiles Design

Beauford cars have an instantly recognizable and iconic front grille and a spacious luggage box at the back. For the body/rear, the shell is made of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), and the panel and bonnet are alloys. 

The body of this classic car is mounted on a ladder chassis. Numerous components are sourced from a Ford Sierra, such as the steering, suspension, master cylinder, and pedal box. 

The Beauford business provides multiple choices for body parts such as lights and windscreens. Due to this, there are many unique Beauford cars currently in circulation. Beauford Cars ltd have released 2 and 4 door variants of their cars. 

A huge range of engines can be fitted in a Beauford, as well as either manual or automatic gearboxes. Builders can choose between 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, V6 and V8 engines in a range of capacities between 1.6 and 4.2 litres. 

Additionally, some Beafords are convertibles. This allows Beauford to be even more flexible for the user in terms of their needs and budget.

A Brief History Of The Beauford Tourer

When Beauford Tourer cars were first in production, they were built with either a Rover, Nissan, or Ford engine using a Mini body shell. 

Today there are over 2000 Beauford Tourers cruising the roads of the UK. Over time, Beauford Tourers have become increasingly popular with kit car enthusiasts and wedding transport companies as the classic cars are endlessly customisable and perfectly elegant. 

The perfect wedding car

 Beauford Automobiles - The perfect wedding car

If you want your wedding to be extra memorable, a Beauford Tourer wedding car might be exactly what you're searching for. 

With their distinctive and iconic 1930s style, Beauford wedding cars are a fantastic choice for any couple searching for vintage. Compared to alternatives such as Rolls-Royce, these wedding cars are incredibly comfy and versatile. 

In terms of practicality, the Beauford boasts a lot of room in the passenger compartment, making it suitable for any wedding dress style (even more for the 4 door variants). 

The 2 or 4 door Beauford vintage open Tourer is a popular choice for weddings. It has an open roof which makes it perfect for sunny days and makes for better wedding photographs. It has chrome fittings and a leather interior to truly give off that luxury feel for your special wedding day. 

It goes without saying the finish for this wedding car is nothing short of perfect. Hours of passionate labour and care go into this high specification wedding car, so rest assured it will look just as stunning as when they were first established in the 1930s.

How has the Beauford Stood the Test of Time?

Beauford Cars Ltd have great confidence in the longevity of their classic cars. On their website, they have stated the following: "With Beauford, Quality is standard. It is built to last a lifetime." 

As of the current year, Beauford cars have are not only stood the test of time but are becoming increasingly desired by wedding transport companies and kit car enthusiasts. 

Beauford cars can keep up with modern-day traffic because they can be fitted with modern engines and any other parts that make driving in the current climate easier. 

As for its looks, These classic cars have no trouble in today's year as their vintage style is truly timeless, and Beauford cars will continue to turn heads for the foreseeable future.

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