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Read our frequently asked questions about wedding car hire to find out more about our services. Our FAQ page should help you understand more about booking transport on your wedding day.

Wedding Car Hire

The decision is entirely up to the couple getting married. In some cases, finances dictate whether there is a budget for cars, or some couples don't want the fuss and would instead save the money for something else. Some couples will use family cars to get to and from the venue.

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If you decide to have cars, the minimum you require is for the Bride to go to the wedding venue with whoever is giving her away.

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Once the couple is married, they travel on their own to the reception venue, the rest of the wedding party will follow behind. 

There is no set order; however, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents would usually arrive at the reception just behind the married couple; this will stop any delays for wedding photographs.

If you require one car: The Bride travels to the wedding ceremony with the person giving her away. After the marriage has been conducted, the Bride and Groom travel in that car together to the wedding reception. 

If you require two cars: The Bride and whoever important is giving her away travel in one car; the bridesmaids and usually the Brides mother travel in the second. After the wedding ceremony, the Bride and groom travel together in one car, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen travel to the venue in the second car. 

If you require three cars: The Bride and whoever is giving her away travel in one car; her bridesmaids and the Brides mother travel in the second; the groom's wedding party or close family members usually travel in the third car.

Yes. If you require extra transport for your wedding party, we will be more than happy to arrange this for you. If you would like to discuss your plans with one of our team, please contact Cheadle Vintage Cars, and we will give you all the advice and information you require.

Again, this is usually down to budget. It isn't necessary to book extra transport for guests; however, in some cases, if the wedding reception is a considerable distance from the wedding venue, so it is prudent to make sure your guests arrive on time and at no added expense to themselves.

Read our article about  how to plan wedding transportation.

Time management is vital on the day of your wedding. The last 30 minutes before the Bride leaves her house goes so fast. Always make sure that the house is locked securely, bathroom breaks have been taken. 

Also, it would be best if you made sure you haven't underestimated the time it will take to travel between locations. It is also worth considering how long it will take to help the Bride and her bridesmaids out of the wedding cars in their dresses. 

A bridal car is the mode of transport chosen by the Bride to take her to the wedding venue. They can vary from Vintage cars to limousines and are chauffeur driven.

Usually, the Bride and whoever is giving her away, and after the ceremony, the Bride and Groom travel in the car to their reception.

Usually, yes.

The grooms' party traditionally arrives first. The party includes the groom, groomsmen, page boys and of course the Bestman. Next to arrive is the Bridal party. The party includes the Bridesmaids, the mother of the Bride and Flower Girls.

The last party to arrive is the Bride with whoever is giving her away; she comes last to make her grand entrance. 

When planning your wedding transport, the best advice is to try to make sure that the three venues, wherever possible, are close together. This will enable your chosen wedding cars can make multiple trips on time.