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How to Plan Wedding Transportation

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  • 29-03-2021
How to Plan Wedding Transportation

Are you looking for information about  how to plan wedding transportation? Below we look at everything you need to consider when booking transport for your big day.

The Ride to the Ceremony

Bride and groom often travel separately to the ceremony to stay hidden from one another, with their respective attendants like the maid-of-honour, page boys or flower girls in tow. 

The bride or groom may opt to ride with parents on their trip to the aisle. There are also options for renting shuttles for the wedding party to arrive in or post-event. 

The average stretch limo seats around ten people, regular limos seat about six guests and most town cars hold four, including the driver.

Vintage Car Options

If you are planning a wedding in Manchester or Cheshire, we have a selection of vintage car options available for your wedding transport. Our 1930s vintage cars offer the perfect vehicles to make a big impression.

We offer a vintage Asquith Charabanc Omnibus which holds 8 guests.

Four Seater Beauford Tourer 

Seven Seater Imperial Landaulette 

Six Seater Regent Tourer

These are examples from out full range of vintage wedding cars available.

The Ride to the Reception

It's traditional after the vows and ceremony have finished for the happy couple to be the first to ride together to the reception.

 In some instances, they may wish to ride with the honour attendants. Your parents and wedding party, and other vital guests can hitch a ride hired for them. 

Your budget may allow you to extend your vehicle use. You may wish to consider parking and inquiring at the venue or surrounding areas on the parking price and whether or not it is free. 

Parents and all those who attended in leased cars may return to the reception journey's exact vehicle. 

We advise that you begin making carpooling plans beforehand if your budget cannot stretch further enough to ensure this. 

Guests shuttles are also available for use during the ride to the reception; this allows large groups to all pile onto one large vehicle and lessens the amount of overall transport to be hired. 

Wedding Transport Considerations

There are several things to consider when ordering everyone transportation ready for your special day—the distance, the timings, the best times to book, etc. Here, we've combined a list of all essentials to think about and provide ready-for booking:

When to Book 

The earliest we suggest you start to consider your special day's transportation needs is six months and the latest being three. 

First, settle all the logistics, date, times, venues and party size, and then you can begin thinking about your transport and how many guests may require it. 

Try to secure your booking as early as possible, as soon as you finalise your creative and logistical decisions. Especially if you plan on a spring or summer wedding, as those are the most popular seasons when many vehicles are already hired out for other weddings, proms and graduation events. 

Who Uses Wedding Transport

You may have as many people as you can afford to use our wedding transportation services. However, you must ask first if it is necessary and prioritise immediate family and important guests. For most, this includes the bridal couple, their wedding party (bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, ushers and the best man), both set of the couple's parents, siblings and grandparents. 

After considering the transport for these, you can move on to other guests who may not have access to a ride or a personal vehicle. Perhaps they are out-of-town, and it would be costly for them to take a taxi. Whatever you decide, it all comes down to your budget and who you know has access to lifts. 


Knowing the distance of each guest or group of guests journey is essential information for us. It allows us to calculate the best pick-up time to co-ordinate the timings of your ceremony and reception. If the ceremony and reception distance is not within walking distance or is longer than a 30-minute drive, you may want to consider getting your guests that do not drive some from a transportation company. You don't want to inconvenience any of your guests with taxi or uber fees, especially if the journey is long and the tariff rate only increases. 


When booking, you need to consider your guests' locations and where we must retrieve them from. Weddings are significant events to family members and friends; thus, they may wish to travel in and come down from various towns and areas. The ride's duration must be thought of to get your guests to arrive on time; thus, making us aware that the location is vital.

Special needs

It is crucial to make us aware of any guests who may struggle to get transport for themselves, for example, the vulnerable and much older guests. 

Organise a travel plan for them with your wedding planner or whoever else you are leaning on for support when planning, even if it is just in case. It is also wise to ensure you think about wedding transportation for disabled guests to provide the best vehicles to suit them and their needs and provide the utmost comfort and ease.

  We must also ensure any special requirements for the bride and bridal party, ensuring that the vehicle is chosen big enough to fit their dresses or trains and are comfortable enough. 

Transportation for Wedding Guests

It is not a requirement to book wedding transportation for your most essential or most vulnerable guests; however, it is highly thought to do so and allows for your guests day to run much smoother. It is not the responsibility of the wedding car hire company to ensure guests get home safely at the end of your night. 

However, the wedding car hire company can provide rides for the journey to the ceremony and the reception venues. The venue you have booked may offer some facilities to adhere to your guests' transportation, for example, shuttle buses. 

These services at any venues or hotels may be limited due to busy schedules, although it is good to inquire if they can offer them to prevent further costs. 

If you are interested in hiring vintage transportation for weddings or any other special days throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas, follow this link to view our vintage wedding cars for hire. 

Any buses for rental that you hire out can be cleverly designed and spruced up to suit your needs and communicate the theme of your happy wedding day with any fun banners or flowers. 

Hotel shuttles are perhaps more inclined to ensure that your guests get home safely; they can provide versatility and extra privacy whilst they may be pricey. 

All buses come with a vetted, experienced driver, who will be your chauffeur for the events of the day into the end of the night. 

When Should Everybody Arrive?

It is significant to decipher all the critical times in the day from event to event, location to location before booking. To estimate the ideal pick-up times for the rides to your ceremony location, for example, if you plan for your guests to arrive about fifteen minutes early, it helps to work backwards then and take off fifteen minutes. The room you give for your guests to begin arriving beforehand to give your drivers leverage. When it comes to any traffic, they may encounter or delay the road or with guests and get excited guests who perhaps haven't seen one another in a while into various or multiple vehicles. It is vital to get your timings correct.

 You don't want to run the risk of having guests arrive while the chosen venue is still in preparation, nor risks gaps in your itinerary where the guests are left standing around with nothing to engage in until open hours. Schedule everything sensibly, and we can help you devise the best plans and ideas for your day, get in touch by giving us a call today. You can find our number on our wedding website. 

Are you planning wedding transportation in Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester or Cheshire? We offer vintage wedding cars for hire throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas of Cheshire.

Cheadle Vintage Cars provide you with all the necessary travel needs for your special day. We can provide the most vintage luxury cars, carriages or party buses shuttle services for guests and the newly married couple to get them from point A to point B.  

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