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Wedding Transport Guide

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  • 13-09-2021
Wedding Transport Guide

If you're looking for guidance and advice on the travel etiquette for your Wedding day, then look no further. 

We've covered many different events, and our services can help your dream day become a reality. This article will go into detail about your travel options and tips.

The Etiquette of Who Travels with Whom

If you're reading this, then it's assumed that you've already booked and organised your transport for the big wedding day. Whether that's in a limo, horse and carriage, or other means, then there's still more to organise, but it's easily done! 

We're here to help be a guide to wedding transport planning. If you're unsure of the wedding car hire service you're wanting, then keep reading, and we can hopefully begin helping you with this decision!

Most will know of the essentials, that the Bride and Groom must be kept separate and therefore require their own transport. 

The Best Man and Groomsmen will sometimes travel with him, whilst the Bride and the Bride's mother will stay together, along with any Bridesmaids. 

The rest of the wedding party and their arrival at the ceremony is completely up to you, but we'll give you options from our experienced team.

Regardless of your venue, a Bride can decide on a few things. 

Wedding Transport Guide

It's a commonplace for the mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour, and any pageboys to arrive at the venue before the Bride, but this does often vary. If a Bride wants her mother to arrive with her, then this can be done, and she would accompany the Bride and the Father in the wedding car. 

The Groom, on the other hand, will typically have his transport arranged by the Best Man, and they will travel together to the ceremony. Typically, the rest of your guests will make their way to the venue unless you're wanting to provide transport from another location. 

This, of course, will just increase your overall budget cost. 

The Etiquette of Who Travels with Whom

Once the ceremony is over, we again have options. If the reception is happening at the same location as the ceremony, then no further transport is required. 

Typically, however, the Bride and Groom will travel in the Wedding Car to the reception whilst the remaining guests make their way there. 

This is where the Paternal and Maternal parents could be transported in the same car that brought the Groom, but this is up to the individual party to decide on. 

If there is no reception, and the ceremony marks the end of the event, then some newlyweds will have arranged transport to either an airport or hotel for their honeymoon, if that is happening immediately. 

The etiquette of arriving at the reception is fairly clear-cut for most conventional weddings. The Bride and Groom, who typically would have left the ceremony together, will arrive at the reception first. This will be the first time they've spoken to most, if not all, of their guests, so it's important they are there to greet and thank them for coming. 

Closely following the Bride and Groom should be the Best Man and Maid of Honour, along with Bridesmaids if so needed. They need to be at the reception earlier than the rest of the guests to ensure any problems are ironed out before arrival. Following this, depending on the family situation and circumstances, the Bridal family will arrive in one vehicle at the reception. 

Of course, in the modern world, many families are different, and your requirements can be met if you voice them with the company you're hiring from. 

We'll assume you're not providing transport for all of your guests because that would be pricey, but there are a few things you can put into place to ensure everyone is seen to. 

You don't want it to reach the end of the evening when everyone has had a drink or two, and problems arise that you could've easily fixed earlier.

Ensuring that there are local taxi firms near the ceremony and reception is one simple thing you can do for your guests, and have that information to hand. 

wedding transport etiquette

Most people will have a designated driver and a plan to get home, but for some, a taxi at the end of the night is the only option.  

If the Best Man was responsible for driving the Groom himself, then he will need transport if he is also drinking later that day. This also goes for anyone else who drove and then had a drink or two. 

Ultimately, having a plan of action is crucial for your Wedding Day. You may gloss over transport, but it's an important factor to remember.

We don't want you worrying too much about the transport of all your guests, because your Wedding won't be their first and they would have planned transport home. Focus on your transport, but give some consideration to everyone else. 

Decide On The Budget For Your Wedding Transportation

Budget For Your Wedding Transportation

We have no doubt your wedding day has been meticulously planned, and you've moved things around multiple times. We know the stress, which is why we want to offer as much advice as possible.  

 Allocating a sufficient portion of your overall budget to transport will ensure no complications arise, especially when working with a reliable company. We don't want to see you stranded or late on one of the most important days of your life. 

Double-check you hire from an experienced business, and your chauffeur knows the plans. You need to make sure your transport is also practical and can stick to the schedule because hiring a vehicle isn't just for the photographs. 

Here are a few factors you should consider where organising your wedding transportation

The number of passengers you want transport organised for is the first step, and deciding whether you're providing transport for all of your guests. If you want to pursue this option, then consider hiring a transport bus over hiring multiple cars or limos. Please enquire with us today to discuss this option. 

Deciding on how many vehicles you're wanting can depend on the location of your ceremony and reception, and the distance between can, of course, raise this price even more. This is why many will decide to have two locations nearby, or sometimes at the same venue.

Clarify the distance and travel duration with both the guests and the vehicle hire company, especially if you're not providing transport for guests. They will want to know the travel required. 

Let's say you only want one or two hired vehicles, and they are for the main bridal party to and from the ceremony. You must decide on a seating capacity because this can then affect the type and model of the car you hire. 

If you're looking for something more classic, or have a certain model in mind, be sure to double-check the seating. A more traditional car may not provide you with enough seats. It all depends. 

If you're looking for something more unique, and want to stay away from conventional travel means, then there's nothing stopping this either. 

organising your wedding transportation

Just be sure to do your research and enquire before you think you need to because unique vehicles and requirements may cost more if not planned and could be booked up before you know it. 

We recommend contacting us 6 months before your event to allow for the discussion to begin and ensure you can get the vehicle you dream of for your big day. 

Many people are ditching the conventional limousine route and would rather hire a vehicle that has meaning to them and the guests. Wedding cars are changing, and you can now hire whatever sort of vehicle fits your style. 

However, vintage car hire is on the rise for weddings again, and we can provide just that service. If you're looking to arrive at your wedding in a Rolls Royce or just have that vintage wedding feel, then we are the suppliers for you.   

Are you planning wedding transportation in Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester or Cheshire? We offer vintage wedding cars for hire throughout Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas of Cheshire.

Cheadle Vintage Cars provide you with all the necessary travel needs for your special day. We can provide the most vintage luxury cars, carriages or party buses shuttle services for guests and the newly married couple to get them from point A to point B.  

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